Our Mission

The five of us have gone to every Wawa in existence.

Many find this mission meaningless and seemingly it is; however, there is more to our venture than aimlessly driving around hoping to stumble across the region's favorite convenient store.

We have raised funds for a disease that has affected many of us in one way or another- cancer. Wawa Corportate has been extremely receptive of our efforts and have agreed to match what we have spent on our journey as well as donate an additional $10,000 to Melanoma International Foundation.

If you would like to make a personal contribution, please visit the Melanoma Internation Foundation Website http://www.melanomaintl.org/.

Current Status

  • With 596 locations, we have now visited all of them! (as of 11/6/09)
  • We have spent approximately $3,000.00 (not counting gas)and are thrilled that Wawa has agreed to match our purchases and in turn donate the money to The Melanoma International Foundation.
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July 6, 2009


Okay. So I love Wawa. And I don't really like coffee. I'm not one of those people who drinks it every day, or even every week. But I LOVE Wawa's Kona coffee. So I go to buy one the other day in Malvern, and on the way in, my purse strap breaks and the whole thing falls on the ground. "Ugh, bad luck" I think, and let it go. Then I go to get my coffee, the one time in a blue moon that I get one, and don't see a carafe of Kona. My "bad luck" seems to be getting worse. Sometimes that happens, so I look to see if they're brewing more. Nope. I look down and notice Kona is no longer listed on their "menu" of coffees. WHAT???!!! What's going on here? Why is it gone? And kudos to Wawa for now stocking organic coffee, but WHAT HAPPENED TO KONA? IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER! The coffee guy behind the counter sees the pain in my face, and I asked him what happened to the Kona? He told me that everyone has been complaining; that it was their most popular flavor. He's hoping, just like me, that they bring it back.

So now I have a new mission: to find a Wawa, in those 25 or so left, that still has Kona (please, let there be one!)


Wawa in Tampa Bay said...

Wawa stopped selling Kona?! Oh man...I liked that one a lot. I usually get the 100% Columbian but for sure the Kona was my second favorite.

Suzanne said...

Now that your 2010 Mission is complete, I say we all band together and start a new mission - to get Kona back to Wawa. Just for you, Em. Next time I visit Wawa, and the time after that, I will complain that there is no Kona.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is an old post. We had Kona blend here up until a couple months ago. I think it was either October or November I walked in to the Havertown Wawa and there was no carafe of Kona.

I said to the coffee lady there, "Where's the Kona?"

She said "we don't have it anymore, we have (blah blah)."

Sorry I forget what it's called and I'm too lazy to look it up now. But I'm still brooding. There is no other brand like Kona. It packed the best wake up punch of all coffees there. I don't get it. Why would they toss it if it's so popular. Boo Wawa for such a crappy decision!