Our Mission

The five of us have gone to every Wawa in existence.

Many find this mission meaningless and seemingly it is; however, there is more to our venture than aimlessly driving around hoping to stumble across the region's favorite convenient store.

We have raised funds for a disease that has affected many of us in one way or another- cancer. Wawa Corportate has been extremely receptive of our efforts and have agreed to match what we have spent on our journey as well as donate an additional $10,000 to Melanoma International Foundation.

If you would like to make a personal contribution, please visit the Melanoma Internation Foundation Website http://www.melanomaintl.org/.

Current Status

  • With 596 locations, we have now visited all of them! (as of 11/6/09)
  • We have spent approximately $3,000.00 (not counting gas)and are thrilled that Wawa has agreed to match our purchases and in turn donate the money to The Melanoma International Foundation.
Click on the map to the left for current Wawa visit statistics. You can see the Wawas most recently visited, what was bought at each, and how many are left.

July 11, 2008

I am annoying

Yesterday at the Newtown Square Wawa, I performed the most irritating act. I handed the cashier 10 nickles, 33 pennies and 5 dimes. To the cashier's credit, he laid each coin on the counter and proceeded to add up the amount.

I normally know better than to present such an absurd quantity of change; but in my defense, I had lost my wallet and had no other means to make a purchase.

I was hated by about 10 people that day, but I wound up getting a 16 oz coffee out of the experience.


Bern said...

ann, you made me laugh this morning. i tend to do the same though before we leave...i use all the left-over change from our trips but i dont think i EVER used 33 pennies!

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I just found this!!!.. I work for Wawa and I would love to know if you visited the store I work at. So would everyone else I told about this. How do I find out?

Anonymous said...

P.S. I would've given you such a "stare"!!! if you gave me all that change.. LOL!!.. but we get that all the time. It's better than getting $100 bills for a purchase of gum!

Anonymous said...

I just figured out how to use your map!!!!!.. You have NOT visited the store where I work. It is on Rosewood Avenue in Trevose, PA!!! and is marked unvisited. It would be amazing and you would probably raise a lot more money if Wawa employes (who have a little influence on Wawa Corporate) actually knew what you were doing!! and why you were doing it! Good Luck and raise lots of money!!

Ann said...


Thanks so much for your interest. Many people ask us if we tell the wawa employees and really we never have. I guess we feel like it would be difficult to explain it each time we enter a store. When we go to Trevose we will defnitely look for you!

ann said...

Bern....I believe we have more in common than you think! See you at the wedding and congrats on your big news!

Anonymous said...

I see West Chestnut St in Vineland, NJ is still unvisited, but to save you some trouble...it is no longer a Wawa. Great job with all the others!

Ann said...

Ahhh thank you for the note regarding the one on west chesnut street in vineland no longer being open. That will save us some time :>)