Our Mission

The five of us have gone to every Wawa in existence.

Many find this mission meaningless and seemingly it is; however, there is more to our venture than aimlessly driving around hoping to stumble across the region's favorite convenient store.

We have raised funds for a disease that has affected many of us in one way or another- cancer. Wawa Corportate has been extremely receptive of our efforts and have agreed to match what we have spent on our journey as well as donate an additional $10,000 to Melanoma International Foundation.

If you would like to make a personal contribution, please visit the Melanoma Internation Foundation Website http://www.melanomaintl.org/.

Current Status

  • With 596 locations, we have now visited all of them! (as of 11/6/09)
  • We have spent approximately $3,000.00 (not counting gas)and are thrilled that Wawa has agreed to match our purchases and in turn donate the money to The Melanoma International Foundation.
Click on the map to the left for current Wawa visit statistics. You can see the Wawas most recently visited, what was bought at each, and how many are left.

January 5, 2008

Night and Day Excursion

410 miles of travel later, myself and devoted driver, Jim Fry, completed our 36-Wawa-journey to New Jersey. Since New Jersey consists of 45% of all existing Wawas, we knew we had to whittle away at the Garden State this time around (opposed to the other states). Some of our featured spots on the night-time portion of the drive covered areas such as Bayville, Medford, New Egypt and Vincentown.

During the day-time section of our drive to Forked River and Toms River, my credit card company called stating that there were unusual charges made on my account. When the receptionist read off my frequent Wawa purchases, I soon realized how unusual it may appear to any credit card monitoring system. There were 12 different Wawa purchases made in the past two hours from 12 different stores! I know the credit card company is not the only one who finds this activity strange.

Jim, who drove me, was not allowed to purchase any items, since he is not 1 of the 5 participants.


Jim Fry said...

What a crazy night! Congrats girls...and if you ever want a driver again, let me know.. I am hooked! HOLLA! PS...Be sure to ask ANN about our "religious" experience during our travels. And whats with wawa stores being half empty...ask Ann to see the photo...
Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

I have never experienced a more determined driver than Jim...if it were up to me, we have only gotten 20 max done!

Anonymous said...

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