Our Mission

The five of us have gone to every Wawa in existence.

Many find this mission meaningless and seemingly it is; however, there is more to our venture than aimlessly driving around hoping to stumble across the region's favorite convenient store.

We have raised funds for a disease that has affected many of us in one way or another- cancer. Wawa Corportate has been extremely receptive of our efforts and have agreed to match what we have spent on our journey as well as donate an additional $10,000 to Melanoma International Foundation.

If you would like to make a personal contribution, please visit the Melanoma Internation Foundation Website http://www.melanomaintl.org/.

Current Status

  • With 596 locations, we have now visited all of them! (as of 11/6/09)
  • We have spent approximately $3,000.00 (not counting gas)and are thrilled that Wawa has agreed to match our purchases and in turn donate the money to The Melanoma International Foundation.
Click on the map to the left for current Wawa visit statistics. You can see the Wawas most recently visited, what was bought at each, and how many are left.

July 5, 2007

Wawa Progress

So it's been about 7 months since we started project Wawa2010. We had been really excited about prospects we thought were brewing with the Wawa Corperation; however, there seems to be little happening with Wawa. We have also heard about some guys in Jersey with the same idea, but it seems they have only gotten something like 7 wawas in a year. Ha! So yes, we will push on, but we definately need the support of our friends (or each other, we are still motivated!!!)

We are still hoping to some how incorporate raising money for cancer research into our mission. Perhaps raising a certain amount of money per wawa visited???


Anonymous said...

Heard you guys on Preston and Steve the other day, and thought I would check you out. My sister works for the corporate office in the call center for wawa, and I am sending the site to her. Good luck in your travels, and I will check in later to see how you have done.

Ann said...

Thanks for the message and your support! That's cool your sister works for corporate.